Equanimity… Blog 1 with doctor Lorie

Equanimity is perfectly balanced state of mind rooted in insight.

noun: equanimity

mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation

You can give your worries a hug, using the all the tools provided in the equanimity blog. Worries can quickly turn into anxiety and panic attacks when we do not get the support and help to understand our feelings. Learning to name our feelings is the first step. Finding a therapist who helps you talk about your feelings helps.  Talking helps us develop insight into understanding of our fears and worries and Identify feelings that keep us from living the life that is especially ours to enjoy. When we let our anxiety take the lead and leave our goals behind we are putting our life on the back burner.

Time is ticking, have you heard…?

What were your thoughts when you first felt the flutter of anxiety trigger you to fight or flight?

Was it a thought?

Was there something dangerous going on real or imagined?

Most often a thought that gets carried away results in anxiety and panic.

You may ask what if I am actually in danger? It is even more important in dangerous situations to have access to our calm selves so that we can make choices directing us to a safe place!

If you are not ready to start psychotherapy and want to get some help right away feel free to follow, the link to http://www.audioshrink.com and get the equanimity download: “Freedom from Anxiety” !

Stay tuned to the equanimity blog for more insights and support for anxiety management!

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