Equanimity 2


Download-Card2 copyequanimity is a perfectly balanced state of mind rooted in insight.
noun: equanimity
mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation!
Won’t It be nice when you have your own automatic switch that works to calm your symptoms of anxiety!

This morning my patient said I listened to your audio program and I was able to calm down. I feel hopeful about learning to integrate these tools to the point where I can automatically relax.
If you were never taught how to self regulate the equanimity download is a great substitute.
Theres’ no need for addictive medications, calming down is within your own power.
Listening to a 20 minute audio program can change your daily life and give you peace of mind you never thought possible. Is peace of mind worth a 20 minute effort?

Try the equanimity download: http://www.audioshrink.com

Anxiety is like all emotions, it is a communication identifying excitement, or a warning to focus or pay attention. Rather than focus on the symptoms, we can use our awareness to help identify the meaning of our anxiety. Where are you? Whats’ the danger? Are you holding your breath?Is there any rush? Most often we are safe and have all the time we need.

It may help to talk to a trained psychotherapist in addition to using the audio program in order to sort through the triggers of anxiety and manage the situation that is causing the stress.

One thought on “Equanimity 2

  1. Just reading this makes me calmer. I like the idea of having control of my own experience. And the visual of the switch is powerful. Something anyone would benfit from in their life.


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