equanimity 3

is a perfectly balanced state of mind rooted in insight.
noun: equanimity
mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation!

Our symptoms of anxiety are a communication that there are unresolved issues knocking at our door from the unconscious. At times when there are feelings we have not been able to express we flee into “Fight or Flight” consciousness. Running from our feelings does not help. After all, they are just feelings, why run?

Finding a psychotherapist who can help us completely digest our feelings through talking is the first step. Trying to cope with our feelings on our own without the proper help can lead us to places we never intended to go. This morning a patient said to me: “Listen too your feelings…(on your own without help), and before you know it you’re are dead in the bath tub.”

Everyone who ever spent time in psychotherapy wonders if Whitney Houston would still be with us if she stuck it out and continued with psychotherapy. Anxiety and panic can be biological , though they do not have to be a life sentence. Most often Anxiety is learned or imprinted during our early childhood and we cannot underestimate treatment and how it can help. Pharmaceutical interventions can be helpful though should only be used temporarily. Anxiety and Panic left untreated without psychotherapy often leads to chronic dysfunction and possible substance addiction.

And of course if you are not ready to start treatment right away you can try the, equanimity download @ http://www.audioshrink.com.

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