Equanimity 5

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equanimity  is a perfectly balanced state of mind rooted in insight.
noun: equanimity
mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation!

Anxiety often times is a communication that we are fully alive , residing in our body a perfect machine that helps us breath, move, dance , love, laugh and cry. A flutter of anxiety, is not any more powerful that a flutter of arousal. Sensations are a natural body function, all of which can be regulated by our thoughts and our breath. Any feelings that we do not want to feel hold us prisoner. Did anyone ever tell you, I don’t want to feel sexy or happy, or excited or in love…?
Of course not, and of course no one ever tells us when they are secretly harboring good feelings or feelings identified as “bad feelings”. Most us at one point in our lives feel overwhelmed by one feeling or another. How long do feelings last..? Usually, not for long!
Feelings last as long as the thoughts or ideas related to them go undigested. If there is a conflict or a problem, concurrent anxiety hangs out until a reasonable solution is found. Problem solving and brain storming with a supportive friend or a professional psychotherapist can alleviate the anxiety related to such conflicts. Cultivating patience and kindness helps. Often times when we seek support from a doctor who is busy or a friend who is busy they want a quick fix. We all have experienced quick fixes that easily can be undone as quickly as they came around. Xanax, Valium and Klonapin are such fixes. Control over our lives becomes externalized, the frustrations and conflicts are never resolved. We just shut down the machine (our body) so we no longer feel the sensations associated with anxiety.

With the equanimity download you can learn to feel calm or knock yourself out and feel nothing using a quick fix benzodiazepine. Its’ your choice knock out your feelings or live with them feeling completely alive? Do you want to learn about your feelings or cover them up? The equanimity download teaches you how to be in the driver’s seat and learn how to manage your feelings permanently.
You can find the equanimity download @ http://www.audioshrink.com


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