equanimity 6

imageequanimity #6

is a perfectly balanced state of mind rooted in insight.

noun: equanimity
mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation!

So many people are practicing yoga now days, it is a wonderful approach to cycling down, slowing the breath and reconnecting to our body mind. Through yoga, we connect and find an entry path for quieting the mind.

In this age of anxiety, all of us have to work so hard to earn enough to pay our bills, never mind have a quality of life that satisfies our creative desires. This week a patient called and asked to start treatment. She reported knowing that she has had anxiety her whole life. The patient reported, “I think its genetic, my mother and father both have it and so does my twin sister.”

We talked about the importance of therapy and learning to problem solve life struggles without feeling overwhelmed. Feelings of being overwhelmed distorts our ability to think constructively and twists our body. Much has been written about the Psoas muscle that is located next to the spine – it helps us straighten up our body and promotes calm thinking.

This where yoga comes in.

Also, aligning our chakras helps to align our minds. What could be bad, why not give it a try? Of course, all of the physical work is important but without words and understanding we quickly regress into panicky patterns.

This is where therapy comes in.

There is nothing more important than venturing into the unexplored crevices of our mind to learn what is the best for us. Weekly therapy sessions are invaluable to help cope with our fast lives. It is probably the most important commitment we can make and all our relationships benefit from it.

Try it you’ll like it!

To give you a head start and manage your anxiety, get the equanimity down load: “Freedom From Anxiety.” Just go to my website: http://www.audioshrink.com for immediate relief!

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